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About Our Family

Hi, loves! I’m Ashley and I currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana with my husband Keith and our son Eric. I’m an accounting professional by day and a newbie homesteader on Youtube and Instagram by night. In this space I’ve created just for us, you’ll find tons of mommy, marriage, career and lifestyle content highlighting the day-to-day of a busy, working mom who wears many hats.

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Keith and I are quite a unique match. In fact, we have a 30-year age-gap, we’re an interracial couple and we’re also a blended family of three. Our Youtube channel showcases every aspect of our unique and unconventional union and how we’re navigating it all despite our obvious differences. Our non-traditional blended family shatters the barriers of so many identifiers that are often used to divide us. We chose to take those same differences to create the thriving marriage and family we have today. We are age-gap, we are blended and we are interracial –– but despite all of that, we are also family. 

How did we meet?

After moving to the New Orleans area, mostly for work opportunities, I felt I was ready to take a shot at dating. My priority at the time was just to have fun and meet new people since I was new to the city –– nothing too serious. Still, I had my eye out for the perfect package. I desired someone I could mesh with effortlessly while still having a good, light-hearted time. When I came across Keith’s online profile, I thought to myself “He looks like a skinny Santa Claus.” (Fun fact, I LOVE Christmas, so this was a good thing. Ha!) His profile was straight forward and honest, I liked it. As soon as I exited the dating app, I had received a notification from the “Santa Claus guy.” Keith introduced himself and showered me with compliments. It was refreshing to have someone speak so simply and honestly. What was supposed to be a quick call to put a voice with a face quickly became a four hour call. It’s safe to say we hit it off immediately. From that day on, I felt I could talk to Keith about absolutely anything. We scheduled our first date at Gyu-Kaku, our now favorite restaurant, and well…the rest is history. We’re married now! 

Get To Know | ashley richoux

Favorite food:   Ribeye Steak.

Can’t Live Without:   Spa days! 

Something Interesting: Two things: I’m obsessed with the original Charmed and my husband is 30 years older than me.

Best Advice:   Where you are today is not where you’ll always be, so be prepared.

Describe yourself in one Word:   Transparent.

Secret Talent:   I’m a classically trained Soprano

My Story

“You’re always moving, it’s up to you if it’s forward or backward.”

Growing up, I spent most of my life in the south between Alabama, Georgia and now Louisiana. In 2016, I gave birth to my first true love, Eric. Prior to his arrival, I was placed on bedrest and forced to leave my job. This began the domino effect of what seemed like my life crumbling right before my eyes. I found myself unable to manage my financial obligations which resulted in a repossessed vehicle, an eviction notice and prolonged unemployment. Companies had no desire to hire a pregnant woman who was set to deliver a baby any day. This was rock bottom for me. Simply put, I was homeless, struggling and had an unborn child counting on me to pull something together. So, that’s what I did. I took a long, hard look in the mirror and decided I couldn’t give up on myself or my son. 

Despite the downfalls and setbacks, Eric’s birth was one of the happiest days of my life. From there, I began studying ways I could provide for my son and I. I knew I needed to pursue a career that would provide a guaranteed return on my investment. I entered the accounting field in late 2016 and quickly discovered how much I could excel in this field with a bit of networking and a degree. So, I took a leap of faith and went back to school full-time, enrolling in 18 hours each semester for five consecutive semesters. I put my everything into school and work, stretching myself to my absolute thinnest to provide an ideal life for my little family. It was tough; I cried many nights wondering if I’d ever reach my goals. Before Eric turned three, I had earned my degree, landed an amazing position, repaired my credit and bought my first home. 

I am a walking testimony. I’m here to share my story of trial and triumph as a young, black millennial mother who worked tirelessly to achieve the love and success I have today.

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